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Anton Nikkilä (born 1965) is an experimental musician and composer who lives and works in Helsinki. He started making music with his group Swissair in the ”post-punk” milieu of the early 80’s and ran the cassette label Valtavat Ihmesilmälasit Records in 1980–82. Composing electronic music since the mid-80's he released his first solo album in 1998 on Moscow’s Exotica label. His duo with the Moscow musician and composer Alexei Borisov recorded and performed actively on festivals and smaller club events around Europe between 1998 and 2009. Starting from 2000 they also ran the label/publication series N&B Research Digest. In 2011 Nikkilä formed the improvising group Modern Feelings together with the Helsinki musician and composer Samuli Tanner. He has also collaborated with Mika Taanila, Pekka Airaksinen, Jandek, Ari Salonen, Heta Bilaletdin, Juuso Paaso, Dora Bleu, Olga Nosova, Sergey Letov, Kamil Tchalaev, Pekka Sassi, and others.



"Experimental music is not dependent on institutional definitions; it constitutes a field, albeit fragmentary, of its own - a no man's land. The electro-acoustic music of Anton Nikkilä, for example, a musician with an avant-punk background, neatly defies all conventional definitions. His minimalist industrial dada is equally at home in clubs and in concert halls reserved for classical music." (Tanja Uimonen, Finnish Music Quarterly 3/2007)


”Since the early 1990’s, the Russian Alexei Borisov and the Finn Anton Nikkilä have been engaging in a cross-cultural dialogue invigorated rather than encumbered by the complex and conflicted political relationship of their native countries. Their conclusions have mostly been published by their own N&B Research Digest imprint. Nikkilä states that three ideas lie behind the label’s mock-institutional facade and plainspeak notes: conceptualism, experimentalism and archival work.” (Matthew Wuethrich, The Wire,July 2008)


”You’ve never heard the cut-up and sample thing done with such absurdist, insane panache and vigour. (...) Somehow Anton knows exactly how to control all of his elements – distortion, programming, unpredictable electronic effects – into a perfect, constantly mutating chimera of sounds that cannot possibly exist. It’s like seeing the Tatlin tower remade out of breadcrumbs and plasticine, spinning around at the top of a mountain.” (Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector 17, November 2008)


"Finnish musician, label guy and all-around key man of the North." (Byron Coley,  The Wire, September 2015)


"Through his genius, Nikkilä creates imaginary geometric planes that are rich enough for a man to wander around for days, exploring this new city through blueprints of the mind. He also captures and stores real-time events in a strange new way that makes it possible to replay them, in ways far more imaginative and meaningful than you’d see in any sci-fi movie about time-travel or virtual reality." (Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector, 10.4. 2018)


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"Kytkentätaulun valot" (7" EP, Valtavat Records, Finland 1992)

"Formalist" (CD, Exotica, Russia, 1998)

"White Nights" (CD, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2002, re-released in download/streaming formats in 2009)

"New Adult Contemporary" (cassette/download/streaming, Guggenhavn Archive, Finland, 2015)

"New Constructivist Moment" (cassette, Ruton Music, download/streaming, Guggenhavn Archive, Finland, 2017)

"New Bandcamp Compilation" (download/streaming, antonnikkila.bandcamp.com, Finland, 2017)


Other projects:


"Serguei Letov - Alexei Borisov - Anton Nikkila" (CD, Hor Music, Russia, 2002)

Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: "Live@Cafe9" (CD-R, Planktone, Russia, 2002)

Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: "Typical Human Beings" (CD, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2004, re-released in download/streaming formats in 2008)

Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: "Where Are They Now" (CD, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2007, released in download/streaming formats in 2009)

Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: "Live at Belly" (download/streaming, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2008)

Swissair: "Soundtrack from the Film Hermafrodiitit" (download/streaming, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2008)

Swissair: "15. joulukuuta 1981" (cassette, Valtavat Records, Finland, 1982, re-released in download/streaming formats, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2008)

Modern Feelings: "Live at Musiikkitalo, 2.9. 2011" (download/streaming, Finland, 2011)

Astma & Anton Nikkilä: "Dom Sessions" (CD/download/streaming, Moozak, Austria, 2014)

Modern Feelings: "Modern Feelings" (LP/download/streaming, Puu/Sähkö Recordings, Finland, 2014)

Mika Taanila: "Stimulus Progression" (10" mini-album, Apparent Extent, Germany, 2014)

Swissair: "Viimeinen kutsu 1982" (cassette, Ruton Music, download/streaming, antonnikkila.bandcamp.com, Finland, 2017)




"Decay - An European Compilation" (CD, Ash International, UK, 1997, re-released in download/streaming formats in 2017)

"Pilottilasit - Samples from Helsinki Underground 1981-1987" (CD-R, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2000, re-released in download/streaming formats in 2008)

"Geologists and Professional Tourists" (CD-R, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2000)

"Geologists and Professional Tourists Volume 2" (CD, N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2002)

"Avantometric Attachments 2002" (CD, Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival, Finland, 2002)

"Electric Leak - The North of it" (CD, Office for Contemporary Art Norway/Ballongmagasinet, Norway, 2003)

Pekka Airaksinen: "Madam I'm Adam" (remix, 2CD, Love/N&B Research Digest, Finland/Russia, 2003, re-released in download/streaming formats, N&B Research Digest, 2008)

Musique Concrete Ensemble: "Dissolution Tapes" (remix, CD, Zeromoon, USA, 2004)

Ilios: "Encyclopedia-RW" (remix, CD, Antifrost, Greece/Spain, 2004)

Idroscalo d'Autore: "Disco Compatto Numero Uno" (CD, Idroscalo Dischi, Italy, 2004)

Elliott Sharp: "Tone of Finland" (remix, 2CD, Crystal Eye, Finland, 2005)          

"Yokomono 02 - 55 Lock Grooves" (12-inch/33 rpm vinyl, Staalplaat, The Netherlands/Germany, 2005)

"The Wire Tapper 19" (CD, The Wire, UK, 2008)

"Un/Typical - CD compilation of sound art from eastern Europe" (CD, CAC Interviu, Lithuania, 2008)

"Sound Canvas: Compilation Of Sound Art, Minimal And Improvised Music | Part 1" (download, Mikroton, Russia, 2008)

"Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor, vol. 1" (download, Ultra-red Public Record Archive, USA, 2008)

World Bank: "Rare Vintage Love Remixes" (remix, download/streaming, Channel Zero, Finland, 2013)

To Live And Shave In LA : "The Grief That Shrieked To Multiply" (remix, 3CD/download/streaming, Monotype, Poland, 2013)